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Heli-wars:Desert attack V2.1 7/10

Heli-wars was one of the first games I played on in roblox and is the one that I like to play often.The maker of  heli-wars is drewsomeb he has also created a winter version of desert attack. In heli-wars the are two teams green team and desert team both with a base each team has two helis one has only one,the drivers,seat and smaller the other one has 4 one being the driver seats and is larger but they both have guns.Each team also has a jeep that has two seats and is faster than the helis,but easier to shoot.I am a vip so I can give everybody who isnt VIP a sneek preview!

Theres one problem with heli-wars the recent problem has been the helis not working properly and a thew other things thats why I have given it a 7/10 it would probably have been more if this hadn’t happened. Link: http://www.roblox.com/Item.aspx?ID=483633


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