Welcome to Roblox Builders Co.

Roblox Builders Co.

Ultimate Build. (CLEAN UP FIXED.) 7.5/10

Good Things about this place.

This place is really awesome for those who just loves to build anything but mostly rockets, spacestations, spaceship, Planes with rly powerfull motors, cars with really powerfull motors, and much more. The scripts seems really hard for my view. But im no good at scripting, so i cant rly judge if they were hard or not but they seems hard.

Bad Things about this place.

The biggest problem right now for this place is probably the camera problem and the noobs. When i was checking this place out should i rejoin many times because that my camera crash’d. This seems to be a problem for many probably everyone, The other big problem is with the clean up script he did use it seems that there was really many noobs that now came and clean up spammed all the time. And when ive been played there has been some confusing of the kick script.
Link:  http://www.roblox.com/Item.aspx?ID=3354216
Ultimate Build. (CLEAN UP FIXED.)


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