Welcome to Roblox Builders Co.

Roblox Builders Co.

~Live a life and get a Job!~MOVIE THEATER ADDED!!! 2/10

Good things about this place:

Not that much good things on this place from my view. Theres Medium lag on my computer, atleast the spawns work. and he also got money added to the leaderboard. The title makes it look interesting. Like as in a life tycoon. But it’s not.

Bad things about this place:

Well first the theater looks like crap… He could atleast go abit more up in details. Well the next thing is the money you start with 50000? Isnt that abit too much when the donater only donates 10,100,1000. Firestation is just an empty house? with a few stairs but nothing like a couch in it, Well atleast there is a flag outside:S.(A tip. (Go abit more up in details).
Link:   http://www.roblox.com/Item.aspx?ID=328970

~Live a life and get a Job!~MOVIE THEATER ADDED!!!


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