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More than 300 Hits

I know this site hasnt been used in ages but lets bring it back we have 300+ hits and saintdrake stop posting ambassador links on here LOL.


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Free Games at ROBLOX. Check out what I have been building lately!

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Interview with armymen3do1

We would like to start off our interviews with one with a mod. here it is!
Q: How do you feel about being a mod?
A: I feel great. It pays off to be a good person in the community.

Q: Do you feel like it was the right choice?
A: Yes, I’ve been on the potential list since last year. 🙂

Q: Do you think you could do the right thing for the communtiy?
A: Yes, well, at least I hope I will 😛

Q: How long have you been on Roblox?
A: 3 Years. 2 on this account and one on my 06 Account.

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Faces! W00t! and more….

Ok so we might be a little late on posting new stuff in Roblox but hey. Atleast we’re not like some other fan sites that have shut down and didn’t even get to 100 hits. Well, the infomation I was going  to give you was that their is a new contest/event that is called “I love Roblox” event. Where you print out a picure and… wait. How about I just copy and paste what it is? I’ll just do that. Here it is


We are embarking on a massive program to make the ads on ROBLOX more fun! We’re not talking about the player-made advertising. That stuff is great!  

In keeping with the spirit of ROBLOX being “user created”, our new idea is to have the outside ads on ROBLOX be “user suggested”. To help us get “funner” ads we need to know what you really like. We received a lot of good replies in your survey answers (the one about your favorite gift) but we want to expand the list of “things you like” to a broad range of categories – and we want your answers in the format of pictures like this!

So here’s what we want you to do.  ROBLOX Staff loves math books and Spiderman.

1. Print this sign. Available in 2 handy formats:
PDF File

2. Get your family or friend to take a photo of you holding the sign and one thing in your hand that you love. Don’t show your face! (either crop your face in the picture, wear a mask, or black-out your face).

3. Email the photo to us at event@roblox.com The subject of the email must be your ROBLOX username. ONLY YOUR ROBLOX USERNAME in the subject. It has to be that way. The photo file should be a jpg, gif, or png. No links to hosting sites.

Examples!      ROBLOX Staff love iPhones and the Magic The Gathering Card Game! ROBLOX Staff love fast cars and mochas!

ROBLOX Staff loves Batman!The other thing you are holding should be something you would like to see advertised on ROBLOX! Here are some sample category ideas…

Kids Clothes
Kids Foods



Prizes! Prize!

Everyone who sends a photo of themselves an item and holding a sign will get the prize. We need the username as the subject of the email or it  won’t work.

Some of the photos will be shown on the News, but not every one. We will be selecting some of the funniest and most interesting photos to give extra mention and a special prize to. Remember, they must show an advertisable item.

How long?

The event will go from now until we get 400 good images, but at least a couple weeks. Enter early if you want to get the prize. We reserve the decision to stop the event if we get too many entries to process. The first set of hats will go out on Friday Jan 16 and the final set will go out by the end of the month.

What if you don’t have a camera?
Try a camera phone or some other way to take a pic. Sorry it’s a limitation.

What if you don’t have email?
Again, sorry this is a limitation. Get your parents’ permission to use email for this.

What if you don’t have a printer?
Draw out the sign on a piece of paper and hold that. We have to be able to read the sign.

Can you put something together in a paint program, ROBLOX images, or grab photos from the Internet?
No. This has to be a photo of a real live person holding the sign and an item.

Will everyone get a prize?
Yes. Everyone who submits a valid photo before we close the event and has the username as the email subject will get the prize.

More Examples!ROBLOX Staff love iPods and K'nex!

Privacy small print:
Do not have your face in the photo. No faces will be shown on the News. The person does not have to be you. No usernames will be linked with photos on the News. Your email address will not be saved past the end of the event and we will not use it for any other purpose than to reply about the event. Get your parents’ permission to use email if you are 13 or under. Do not upload your photo to ROBLOX as clothes or decal.

Talk about it on the forums!


and now the other news.


FacesThere’s something different about my guy today. He’s fresh, bold, and fearless. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Clearly this is a guy with vision. A leader of men. A paragon of valor. I have to say it: my guy looks awesome. Something about him has changed… oh. yeah. right.

We’ve got Faces!

You can now have even more fun customizing your character with the 20 brand new faces we’ve released today. You can shop for them in the catalog and wear them by going to your character customization page.FacesForSale

We’ve got about 30 more faces, each hand drawn by professional artists, which we intend to introduce over the next several weeks, so keep an eye on the catalog for new stuff!

Different faces look better/worse with different head/hat combinations. Experiment to discover the perfect look for your guy. Once you’re stylin’, head on over to the Rate My Robloxian forum to get opinions on the new you. Will you be toothy ogre? A thirsty vampire? A pensive skeptic? A drooling idiot? A daring adventurer? A goofball? A guy doing this: “O.o” (lol teh internets)



So that was the new news on Roblox. Bye!


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Saint Drake has arrived!

Hello, my name is Saint Drake, a new reviewer. Hopefully, I shall be a good addition to the site. Peace.

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200 Hits on the blog (almost):)

We’ve almost reached 200 views! I just wanna say thanks to all our members of Roblox Builders Co. For helping, thanks!

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WHAT!?!?!?!??!? It’s true…… almost

Some studio is making a Roblox DS game. I have the link to it. The cover looks really cool.  Here is the link http://www.vgboxart.com/view/17425/roblox/?replies=4

So it’s almost official that the Roblox game for DS is coming. Sadly in 2010. But at least it’s coming out.

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New Records! (Well, for me anyways)

The site has a new record for me! most views ever that I had in a site that I made. Thank you everyone that has helped us get this record for me :D.

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Heli-wars:Desert attack V2.1 7/10

Heli-wars was one of the first games I played on in roblox and is the one that I like to play often.The maker of  heli-wars is drewsomeb he has also created a winter version of desert attack. In heli-wars the are two teams green team and desert team both with a base each team has two helis one has only one,the drivers,seat and smaller the other one has 4 one being the driver seats and is larger but they both have guns.Each team also has a jeep that has two seats and is faster than the helis,but easier to shoot.I am a vip so I can give everybody who isnt VIP a sneek preview!

Theres one problem with heli-wars the recent problem has been the helis not working properly and a thew other things thats why I have given it a 7/10 it would probably have been more if this hadn’t happened. Link: http://www.roblox.com/Item.aspx?ID=483633

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Still hiring….

We now hire editors on this. We are still hiring though. Tell your friends about this on Roblox and we will start making models soon. So be on the look out builders and trackers.

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